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Plone Connection Podcast Ep. 01 — Philip Bauer

Plone Connection Podcast Ep. 01 — Philip Bauer

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Plone Connection Podcast featuring our guest Philip Bauer!

Every month, Six Feet Up's Director of Engineering T. Kim Nguyen sits down with a different member of the Plone Community and asks them about their work with or on the Plone CMS.

This month, our guest is Philip Bauer, a Plone-core developer and author of the Mastering Plone training. Philip is also the founder and owner of Starzel.de. Kim and Philip discuss their history with Plone, the past and the future of the Plone Conference, as well as Plone trainings.

You can find Philip on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarzelDe
Website: https://www.starzel.de/
Github: https://github.com/pbauer/

The Plone Connection Podcast is a monthly podcast produced by Six Feet Up. It is the video companion to the Plone Connection newsletter.

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