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Top Reasons to Migrate to WebUnity

Top Reasons to Migrate to WebUnity

Plone 3 Loses Support in 2014

With the expected release of Plone 5 later this year, Plone 3 will become officially unsupported. This means no more security patches. If you haven't migrated to Plone 4 yet, you need to do so in the coming months.

The hidden costs of upgrading

Upgrading is now necessary, but the cost and features you receive can vary greatly based on the decisions you make. For a traditional upgrade, you'll need to go through a discovery phase to determine what features are critical, what packages are still maintained, and how you can move your custom setup forward. You'll also need to:

  • Bring all current templates up-to-date with the latest Plone best practice
  • Merge catalogs
  • Set up buildout for deployment
  • Move custom folder items into products
  • Migrate your data to the newest version
  • Test and tweak, test and tweak (yes, multiple times)
  • Deploy to production

Feeling overwhelmed? Luckily, there's a simpler option available. You can avoid a lot of headaches by considering an out-of-the-box solution with guaranteed to work add-ons.

WebUnity Logo

WebUnity is the multisite Plone package designed to have all the add-ons you need in a maintained and continuously supported package. Why should you consider upgrading to WebUnity on Plone 4.3 instead of a custom Plone installation? Here are just a few reasons:

All the add-ons you need, guaranteed to work

Six Feet Up created WebUnity to solve the challenges many of our clients presented. We took our newest Plone add-ons, Resonate and Spotlight, and bundled them with Lineage and other proven packages (EasySlideShow, calendaring abilities, etc.) that most organizations need. WebUnity's core packages are therefore guaranteed to work well with one another.

WebUnity = Lineage + Resonate + Spotlight

 Get a fresh start fast

WebUnity is set up as a clean install with a customizable base theme. You can either style the included theme to match your brand, or use a fully custom theme. Your existing content can be imported in WebUnity or you can decide to start from a clean plate.

Because WebUnity is an existing package, it can be set up on a staging environment much faster than going through the tedious process of designing, specifying and developing a vanilla Plone site.

Continuous updates + predictable budget = peace of mind

Because of WebUnity's out-of-the-box design, we can keep your website up-to-date with the latest security patches and features, and you can maintain a consistent budget. No more worrying about a core add-on for your site being abandoned, or how much it will cost to upgrade your custom site before a critical security patch can be applied.

What will you decide?

Your site might require customizations no matter what. Depending on the complexity of those customizations, they can be added to WebUnity or our Plone Developers can upgrade your site to a custom version of Plone.

Learn more about your options:

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