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March 10, 2017

Pythology Lecture Series: Automating Processes with Python


The next Pythology event is coming on Friday, March 10th! Come learn about Automating Processes with Python. Whether you want to reduce time spent on repeatable tasks, or reduce human error, we have a topic for you.

We will be hosting the talks at the Theater at Launch Fishers.

The event will include talks from several pythonistas in the Indianapolis area:

API on a Budget - Using Python Web-Scraping Modules to Automate your Processes

Scott Woodall, Senior Software Engineer, Ivy Tech Community College

Learn how to reduce human error and free up your time by automating daily tasks such as uploading a file or filling out a form you use daily using Python. In this session you will learn how to leverage Python's web scraping modules to automate business processes that do not have a proper API via JSON or XML. The talk will start off by covering Selenium as a headless browser and how to interact with a web page all within a Python script. We will conclude by giving a demonstration creating screenshots to log what took place while our process was running.

Python as Excel an Alternative

Fady Megally, Engineer-Large Power Systems Division, Caterpillar, Inc

This walkthrough seminar is to show how you can use Python and its powerful libraries, to automate some of the recurring tasks that most people would repeatedly spend hours doing in Excel. From sanitizing data, to creating pivot tables and charts for multiple/large sets, if this is a recurring theme in your job, you can do it in Python. This doesn't suggest that you can ditch Excel altogether, but in some cases writing a script could be the quicker way to do it.

Some of the points covered include


• Pulling Data from a Database to Python using pandas

• Text Pre-processing using regex

• Applying Filters

• Pivot Tables in pandas

• Creating charts in matplotlib

• 2 case studies

Open Source Deployment Automation and Orchestration with SaltStack

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, CTO and co-founder of Six Feet Up

Salt is way more than a configuration management tool. It supports many types of other activities such as remote execution and full-blown system orchestration. It can be used as a replacement for remote task tools such as Fabric or Paver. In this talk we will cover some of the core concepts that sets Salt apart from other configuration management tools and focus on demonstrating its power to automate deployment tasks such as backing up data or spinning up new instances into your cluster to serve additional traffic.

We will look at how you can configure your own Salt Master and give it REST API capabilities. We can


respond to events on the Salt event system to trigger actions in our infrastructure. We will also look at how you can setup simple orchestrations to automate common tasks such as backing up databases before you release your application.

IoT Analytics Demo

by: Lhpu training solutions


This demo is centered around gathering telemetry data from heat racing of R/C Cars with the Rasperry Pi device attached.

Connecting the Physical World to the Digital World: or How we Automated the Speak Easy with IoT and Python

Cameron Dershem, Owner & Software Developer at pinkhatbeard

It's 2k17 and I'm sure you're wondering the same things I am, why do I have to do anything? What happened to this ~~dys~~utopian future where computers were supposed to do everything for me?

This talk will demonstrate how to automate real life to get us one step closer to becoming the fat, lazy, inept humans in the movie Wall-E. We will start with an everyday problem at the Speak Easy and show the process of building an IoT (Internet of Things) application from ideation to execution, using Python (and microPython) at every step along the way.


Using Ansible and Python Modules for DevOps Automation of IOT Applications

by: Ben Chodroff - CTO and Jason Horn - Manager of Development, ClearObject

We will cover why we implemented DevOps, our use of Ansible, and our experience with building custom modules using python. We will also discuss how successful Internet of Things applications rely on automation to reliably tie together complex systems deployed across multiple cloud providers.







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  • Date March 10
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  • Where Launch Fishers Theater
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