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IEEE ITSoc upgrading to Plone 4.3 with enhanced usability

IEEE's Information Theory Society (ITSoc) asked Six Feet Up to upgrade their site to make it more user friendly, and to update it to Plone 4.3 for all the latest benefits of Plone.

Upgrading to Plone 4.3

Six Feet Up is upgrading the site from Plone 3.3 to Plone 4.3. The latest version of Plone has significant benefits over 3.3 including:
  • a 50% gain in response time
  • a refined user interface including switching the visual editor to TinyMCE
  • massively improved large file and media handling with a significant decrease in system resource usage

For more on the benefits of Plone 4 read
Why Upgrade to Plone 4 on our blog.

Some ITSoc specific enhancements to the site will include:

Video uploading

Logged-in users with sufficient privileges will be able to upload videos and add them to the site.

Social media tools

Social medial tools including a Twitter portlet and a ShareThis widget will be added.

Mailing list improvements

The PeopleList mailer allows members of the group, defined by a PeopleList object, to send an email to all the members of the group in the current year. The sender can choose to send a copy to themselves and specify the subject and body text of the email. Six Feet Up will streamline and improve the PeopleList feature for an optimized end-user experience.

The new and improved site is scheduled to deploy by the end of the year. ITSoc has been a client since 2008 and utilizes Six Feet Up's Plone Development and Plone Hosting services.


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