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NGINX Affirms Commitment to Open Source at Sprint 2.0

NGINX Affirms Commitment to Open Source at Sprint 2.0

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, shared highlights from NGINX’s Sprint 2.0 in an article for Gestalt IT, “F5 Doubles Down on NGINX Community with Sprint 2.0.” Additionally, Calvin sat down with Rob Whiteley, NGINX Product Group General Manager at F5, to discuss what the Sprint 2.0 announcements mean for the future of the company.

For Calvin, the biggest takeaway was the reemergence of NGINX’s focus on open source.

“Now that we’re part of a larger company, we have more resources, and we can invest more in trying to bring great open source tech [to the market],” said Whiteley. “That’s really where our focus lies. I think you’ll find that NGINX will show up more in the [open source] community than we have in the last couple of years.”

Whiteley outlined three primary goals regarding the company’s focus on supporting the open source community. Specifically, NGINX will:

  1. do a better job of engaging contributors — the people who want to give back in the form of code or documentation;
  2. make sure the company isn’t putting tech out for tech's sake — the tech NGINX delivers will be innovative and leapfrog the current state of the market;
  3. ensure developers that they won’t bump up against a paywall when they’re building applications in NGINX.

Read Calvin’s article and watch the interview:

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