Your mission-critical app will come crashing in a heartbeat if the deployment process isn't flawless or if the hosting infrastructure is inadequate. Deployment can be especially tricky when multiple branches are in the works at once, when dependencies break or when manual release steps are necessary. And an undersized or misconfigured hosting environment can bring your business to a screeching halt as soon as traffic peaks. Together, let's prevent issues by automating as many manual processes as possible.

Your Six Feet Up team will help you architect and implement automated infrastructure management practices ranging from server provisioning to scripted event-based responses, and repeatable deployments.

Through advanced automation techniques, we’re able to eliminate manual steps, speed up app releases, increase deployment consistency, reduce maintenance and overall improve the reliability of your infrastructure.

Deployment Process Optimization

We can help you enhance productivity and boost your application quality by scripting repeatable code deployments:

  • Eliminate manual release steps
  • Release apps into multiple regions on Amazon, or to multiple Cloud providers
  • Roll out continuous deployment
  • Automate backups before releases for easy rollback

Are you ready for Software Configuration Management?

Improve your Hosting Setup

Six Feet Up is a certified partner with AWS,  Microsoft Azure and Cloudflare. Tap into the power of Cloud computing without the pain of becoming an expert in everything. We'll help you design your appropriate hosting system, build it, and automate its provisioning and management. Learn more about Cloud Orchestration.

And if you'd rather not get into the hosting business, then we can host your applications through our private cloud-hosted VM solutions


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