Your users keep sending you issues and you have big dreams for your site or app. You know you need improvements, bug fixes, and maybe an upgrade here or there, not to mention the occasional patch. So how do you plan for the unknown without resorting to reading tea leaves?

With a Continuous Innovation™ plan, you determine a monthly budget for keeping up with technology changes, and we apply an Agile methodology to prioritize and manage the work. There is no emergency and no budget surprise. Everything is going according to plan.

How Continuous Innovation™ works:

Together, we review and update the backlog at the beginning of each month:

  • We provide a complexity estimate for each ticket
  • Priorities are assigned to each ticket
  • A milestone is set that groups the tickets for the month
  • Tickets are assigned to developers
  • The work gets scheduled

We manage the work and keep you posted:

  • You receive weekly budget updates
  • You check on the progression via regular demos
  • You adjust the monthly scope based on your priorities
  • You review the work prior final deployment

Your monthly invoice is the same each month:

  • We keep a tally of the hours spent each month
  • We send you comprehensive time reports
  • Any hour overage is borrowed from the next month
  • You can roll hours from one month to the next (up to 100% of your monthly budget)

If you also want the assurance of a specific response time on support requests, you can sign up for our Guaranteed Support plans.


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