Nothing like a boost of adrenaline to get things done. We get it. Yet we bet you prefer prevention to emergency interventions.

Our Proactive Maintenance plans help you anticipate problems well before your system breaks by proactively monitoring and upgrading your production environment.

Server and App Monitoring

Each month, we review and document key server and application metrics for each of your sites, and provide recommendations to optimize your service. Here are a few examples:

Application Key Metrics:

  • Object cache size report
  • Application security vulnerabilities and available patches
  • Application error log file review and analysis
  • Site response time
  • Number of restarts
  • SSL monitoring

Environment Key Metrics:

  • OS available updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Cache monitoring
  • RAM usage
  • Free disk space
  • CPU Usage
  • Disk Operations (Read/Write Operations)
  • Network Traffic
  • Status Check (System Reachability)

User Experience Checks

Each month, we review common factors of user frustration and help you improve your web visitors' experience.

This includes:

  • Dead links
  • Timeout errors
  • Load time problems.

Fundamental Upgrades

By subscribing to the Fundamental Upgrades plan, you ensure your site is always running on the latest software version and is protected against security vulnerabilities.

Fundamental Upgrades include:

  • Monthly OS updates on your various environments
  • OS vulnerability announcement monitoring
  • Emergency server patching when a patch is made available
  • Application minor upgrades (e.g. 4.3.0 to 4.3.1)


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