Whether you are stuck on a particular project, or you want to level up in your Python or Cloud skills, you will go faster if you get a hand from a Pro who's been there and done that. You don't have to go alone. 

Some people learn best from lectures. Other prefer learning by doing. And, sometimes, pair-programming is what works best. Your circumstances will determine the appropriate format of the training we can offer.

Learn from a Pro

We offer a variety of trainings that are all taught by experts in their fields. Trainings are either provided from remote via a web-conference system (and recorded) or on-site. We can tailor the content to your specific needs, and we can adapt the training schedule to your calendar constraints.

Most popular topics we train on:

  • Front-end theming
  • Plone CMS development
  • Django development
  • Pyramid development
  • Content migration
  • Zope debugging
  • Python development and Python scripting
  • Solr setup and tuning
  • SaltStack automation
  • Best deployment practices
  • AWS orchestration

Don't see what you like in this list? Ask us about a specific topic.

Learn by doing

For those who like to learn on the job, we can offer a combination of pair-programming and mentoring. You can jump on Zoom and screen-share with one of our experts. You can tap our engineers with help and/or questions via Slack. Or we can help you break your project down in bite size chunks and give you directions via Trac tickets until you complete the work.

And, if you are in a hurry, or if there are bits you'd rather not do, we can help you and finish the work.


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