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Engineering.nd.edu goes live with subsites, syndication, and member featuring

Engineering.nd.edu goes live with subsites, syndication, and member featuring

Six Feet Up is pleased to announce the launch of several new web features for the College of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame.

This newest version was built on Plone and several of Six Feet Up's technologies. The goals were: 1) Integrate all of the College's departments and research center child sites, 2) Greatly simplify content syndication, and 3) Increase search engine rankings. The new system also makes subsite deployment and management effortless, while making it easier to show off key faculty members and their research to site visitors.

Lineage, Six Feet Up's product for managing a collection of websites within one Plone instance, was the critical foundation of the project. With it, the Department of Engineering can now quickly deploy new subsites for centers, initiatives, and other groups. These sites can either automatically inherit the main site's theme, or be slightly tweaked, or fully customized. Each subsite can have its own permissions and workflows, and can display subsets of content from the main site, including department member profiles.

The product Resonate was also created to allow Notre Dame to syndicate content across these subsites using their custom publishing workflow. Content creators can request that site managers feature their content on other sites of the network through a linking system that keeps everything synchronized. This mechanism helps visitors discover more of the key content created inside the College of Engineering, no matter which subsite they visit.

"Notre Dame didn't want to have to copy and paste items everywhere in their family of websites, so Resonate was a really big improvement for them" said Michelle Jarvi, project manager at Six Feet Up. "They can now create content once, then easily reuse it without the mess caused by duplicates."

The site also takes advantage of Six Feet Up's product Spotlight to provide a central member directory with a way to feature faculty, student, staff and alumni profiles on webpages and faceted search.Faculty Directory Image

"The success of The College of Engineering's site, along with strong interest from other university colleges and departments, has led us to develop our EDU CMS package." said Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, CEO of Six Feet Up. "It's pre-configured with all the basic functionalities required to manage a network of subsites and feature profiles of faculty and other groups."

A case study on The College of Engineering at Notre Dame can be downloaded (PDF) at: http://www.sixfeetup.com/files/ND_Resonate_CaseStudy_web.pdf

More information about Six Feet Up's products is available at: http://www.sixfeetup.com/plone-cms/products

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