As an expert in custom web development, Six Feet Up can assist with your digital transformation. Our team has helped large organizations revolutionize their customer experience, optimize business operations, and master global risk and compliance.

In 2019 we celebrated 20 years in software development. Over time, we have developed a reliable process that is based on best practices, collaboration and communication. Here is how we use it to help you jump ahead.

App Development & Enhancement

Whether you are looking to augment your technical team's skill set or need a partner to help navigate through technology choices, you can expect:

  • Your end-goal to be the driving factor for all decisions
  • Forward thinking design and practices in general
  • Decisions supported by decades of experience
  • Honest feedback and recommendations
  • Work to be done by specialists in their fields
  • Full access to all documentation, ticket notes and commits
  • Weekly updates on progress and budget

Common Requests:

  • Secure Content Management System (CMS) deployment
  • Intranet customizations
  • Web portal development
  • Data-driven dashboards
  • Support for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning initiatives
  • Business process automation
  • Full product development
  • Skill augmentation

Development Examples:

  • ReTrans
    • We helped develop a Django-based custom ERP system to route and track shipments
    • We rolled out a Plone-based client support ticketing system.
  • Ivy Tech
    • We developed a Django app to facilitate and speed up students' changes to their major and/or minor
    • We took over and completed the development of a Django app designed to let students enroll in nursing programs
  • Epylon
    • We greatly improved cooperative purchasing by public agencies or governmental units via a Django portal.

Upgrades & Migrations

Organizations come to us with upgrade and migration projects when they are strapped for time or lack the expertise in house. In many cases, the original developers are no longer around and moving forward can look like a daunting and perilous task.

Why rely on Six Feet Up for your upgrades and migrations:

  • Avoid pitfalls and save time by leveraging our familiarity with the history of many Python frameworks
  • Ensure feature parity through the development of documentation for the legacy system when needed
  • Upgrade with confidence thanks to test coverage implementation

Common Upgrade/Migration requests:

  • Django upgrades
  • Plone upgrades
  • Python migrations
  • Zope migrations

Example projects:

  • Capital One
    • We helped organizations optimize their AWS Cloud infrastructure by contributing to the open source product Cloud Custodian
  • Ivy Tech
    • We migrated a Perl app to Django to manage online exam scheduling
  • Purdue School of Engineering
    • We migrated a highly custom Zope-based website to the Plone CMS

Performance Optimization

Is your site experiencing a higher than normal usage of RAM? Is your app running too slow? Does your server need to be restarted too often? We can share our experience in developing and hosting high traffic apps to optimize your performances.

Why Optimize Performances:

  • Save money in hosting costs
  • Increase response time
  • Decrease the possibility of an outage 
  • Facilitate further site enhancements and/or migrations

Typical Code Review Elements:

  • Profile page templates and underlying code, including third-party products
  • Review buildout
  • Analyze logs
  • Develop a detailed report with optimization recommendations

Typical Infrastructure Review Steps:

  • Conduct security and performance audit of operating system and installed services
  • Review site backend configuration (Zope, database or filesystem)
  • Evaluate proxy configuration including caching and load balancing
  • Run performance benchmarks
  • Review system logs

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