At Six Feet Up, we care deeply about other human beings and the earth we live on. Our expert engineers span nearly every continent and global challenges are affecting us all. To build a better world, we must work together and do our part to address these issues and make a difference.

Our Focus

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    Climate Action
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    Clean Energy
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    Food Sustainability
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    Good Health and Well-being
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    Other initiatives benefiting Humankind

Our Actions

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We know that software can make a positive impact on the world. Every day, Sixies use their expertise and unique talents to fulfill the company’s mission: “Accelerate impactful projects by crafting superior and lasting software solutions."

To this end, Six Feet Up is committed to completing 100 IMPACTFUL Projects™ by 2033.



IMPACTFUL Projects™ are defined as:

  • Impressive. This project makes people think anything is possible.
  • Moving. This project is awe-inspiring.
  • Purposeful. This project aligns with our core focus.
  • Advanced. This project uses leading-edge technology.
  • Collaborative. Sixies and the client partner for the greater good.
  • Transformative. This project changes lives.
  • Future-focused. This project anticipates changes.
  • Unquestionably benefits humankind.
  • Legacy. This project will create a lasting impact on the world.

As of today, Six Feet Up has had the privilege to work on 9 IMPACTFUL Projects™ — ranging from space exploration to lightning strike predictions, forest fire management, genetic engineeringbattery energy storage, agriculture data accessibility, and carbon emissions reduction

  • Explore Space


    We managed data from NASA’s space probe, which flew by Pluto in 2015. Specifically, we created a Plone-powered portal to help migrate scientific data for NASA’s New Horizons scientists.

  • Predict Lightning Strikes


    Using Django and AWS, we helped FLASH Scientific Technology build an application that predicts the first strike of any thunderstorm with 99.6% accuracy and a 15- to 25-minute lead time.

  • Manage Forest Fires


    Using GeoDjango, we worked with a data science firm to map forest fire trajectory and build a website that would help emergency responders more effectively contain wildfires.

  • Improve Genetic Engineering


    We built a Python-based Angular/Electron application for a major life sciences company. The device is designed to improve genetic engineering workflows.

  • Optimize Battery Energy Storage


    We built a suite of Python applications designed to optimize operations for a major battery energy storage company that is mitigating the impacts of climate change.

  • Boost Free Press Access and Reach

    RFA IMPACTFUL Icon.png

    We upgraded a news nonprofit's Plone website and integrated its CMS with other Digital Asset Management software. The site makes it easier for journalists to work in countries where press freedom is restricted.

  • Streamline Big Data in Healthcare

    IU IMPACTFUL Icon.png

    We helped a statewide health system rebuild its digital infrastructure and implement a new world-class big data pipeline that is easier to maintain and allows more focus on patient outcomes.

  • Transform Agricultural Data with AI


    We created a ChatGPT-like application to help advance agricultural practices (including challenges posed by climate change) and boost crop yields.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions


    We migrated an application from Ruby on Rails to Python/Django. The app helps our client’s customers more accurately calculate their carbon footprint.

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