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    Our Cloud services are designed to architect and implement automated infrastructure management practices from server provisioning to scripted event-based orchestration and repeatable deployments. We’re able to speed up app releases, reduce maintenance and improve infrastructure reliability. We can help no matter where you are on your Cloud journey.

Cloud Infrastructure Architecture

We'll start by developing architecture diagrams of the proposed system. The setup may include load balancers, a file storage solution, a caching system, a content delivery network (CDN) service as well as backups. If a high availability setup is required, then a failover mechanism may also be architected.

Architecture steps:

  • Run a performance analysis
  • Identify your goals, requirements and constraints
  • Develop a security threat model
  • Develop a cloud architecture based on your specs

Building Cloud Infrastructure

We help with execution to save you time and money:

    • Select the appropriate OS, load balancer, and other infrastructure pieces
    • Automate the build with Terraform and SaltStack components for easy re-deployments and management
    • Set up resilient backups

Cloud Migration

Avoid pitfalls: let us walk you through a time-tested series of steps:

  • Determine the best migration approach for your organization's needs
  • Determine the most appropriate Cloud platform to fulfill your requirements
  • Document moving pieces such as SQL databases, LDAP repositories or third-party web APIs
  • Refactor, simplify and optimize your infrastructure
  • Develop a sequential timeline of the migration activities

Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Platforms
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean

Fee: Pass-through spend for all environments (sandbox, staging, production, etc.)

Proactive Maintenance

24/7 Monitoring

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance monitoring

Platform Fitness

  • Quarterly OS security patches
  • Quarterly application patch research (implementation not included)


  • Nightly backups + one week retention

Fee: $150/mo./environment

Account Management
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Multiple payment methods
  • A team ready to answer your questions

Fee: 10% of the monthly spend (min. of $100/mo.)

Premium Services
  • Monthly OS/application patches
  • Hourly backups + one month retention
  • Support with guaranteed response time
    • Critical Support (4 business hours)
    • Emergency Support (2 business hours)

Fee: Contact us.

Automating Infrastructure Provisioning

  • Spin up hundreds of servers at once with the same configurations using Saltstack
  • Get the same dependencies installed on the machines each time
  • Eliminate error-prone hand-crafted hardware configurations, from VPC to networking to firewalls, subnets, VLANs, load balancers, security groups, internet gateways, EC2 instances, content distribution network (CDN), etc.

Automating Infrastructure Management

  • Leverage public clouds elasticity tools to easily and effortlessly scale horizontally
  • Easily add and remove app servers, web servers or caching servers to your load balancer
  • Connect multiple servers to the same database
  • Share blob storage across various instances
  • Simplify the management of relational database services, load balancers, Cloudfront CDN, etc.
  • Automate replication via RDS, database backups, snapshots and snapshot cleanups
  • Specify Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Ensure compliance of each piece of the infrastructure
  • Eliminate server upgrades altogether
  • Run queries across your infrastructure to find out if the servers are healthy
  • Get a scripted inventory of servers, CPU, RAM, etc.

Scripting Repeatable Code Deployments

  • Eliminate manual release steps
  • Release apps into multiple regions on Amazon, or to multiple Cloud providers
  • Roll out continuous deployment
  • Automate backups before releases for easy rollback

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