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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Global Leaders Trust Six Feet Up

Accelerate Ahead

App Development

  • CMS & Intranets
  • Front-end Applications
  • Backend Applications
  • Progressive Web Apps
Build Faster

Innovate with AI

  • Prototyping
  • Business Automation
  • Robotic Automation
  • Modeling/Forecasting

Big Data

  • Prototyping
  • CI/CD Deployment
  • Observability
  • Pipeline Optimization
Simplify Big Data

Over 20 Years of Experience


September 7, 2022
A Look at Using Wagtail Snippets with Django >

Wagtail 4.0 came out on Aug. 31 and with it came support for Django 4.1, which we just so happen to be using for our first Wagtail project — a new application that will be integrated within one of the client’s existing websites. Read More >

July 27, 2022
Top Features in the Airflow 2.3 Release >

Apache recently released Airflow 2.3.0. Since its last update, Apache Airflow 2.2.0, this new release has over 700 commits, including 50 new features, 99 improvements, 85 bug fixes and several doc changes. Here is a glimpse of the major updates. Read More >

June 15, 2022
Manage Your Secrets to Keep Your Code Secure >

As cybersecurity continues to be an ever-growing concern, we look at how removing the secrets from your source code and using a source code manager can help keep your code secure. Read More >

Why Our Clients Pick Us


  • Python
  • React
  • SaltStack
  • Terraform
  • AWS


  • CI/CD for faster delivery
  • EOS® for traction
  • Flex6™ for execution
  • BEST™ for high performing teams


  • Human centered
  • Data driven
  • Team oriented
  • Proactive always
  • Can-do by design

How to work with Us.


Project 5™

Are we a good fit?

An initial 15-minute conversation to go over the five key elements of your project including KPIs, priorities, timeline and budget.


Research & Strategic Insights

How will you reach your goals?

We leverage our decades of expertise to provide forward-thinking technical strategy and practical feasibility studies.


Technical Planning

What will the SOW and budget be?

A technical investigation that leads to a Complexity Scorecard™ with detailed time and budget estimates.


Collaborative Development

How will we Make Anything Possible™?

Agile implementation with expert engineers using best practices, frequent deployments and weekly Pulse Reports™.


Deployment Automation

How will you ace all deployments?

Embrace test-driven deployment. Automate deployment and increase release velocity.


Proactive Support

How will you sleep at night?

Flexible options include Continuous Innovation and emergency support.

Ready for a conversation?

Let's Talk

Who We Are

Python + Cloud = Our Passion

Six Feet Up, Inc. is a certified WBE software company that helps growth-minded leaders leverage modern technologies and processes to move their companies forward.  Whether you need to build apps faster, innovate with AI, simplify Big Data, or leverage Cloud technology, we are here to help you accelerate ahead.

Companies like NASA and UCLA have sought out our passion for quality since 1999.

We work hard at promoting best practices and automation. To this end, we have founded the IndyAWS meetup as well as the IndyPy Python user group. The latter celebrated its 13th anniversary in 2020 with 1,800+ members.

Six Feet Up is powered by the EOS Process™ and is headquartered in the technology park of Fishers, right in the heart of Indiana.