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Rapid Development

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  • CMS
  • CI/CD
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Cloud Consulting

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  • Cloud Automation
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Training & Mentoring

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Over 20 Years of Experience


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September 18, 2020
What's New In Plone 6 >

Plone 6 is expected to be released early next year. In this piece we explore what that means for developers, content managers, and lay users of the software. From the security upgrades on Python 3, to the fully featured Plone REST API, and the new default React.js Front-end, there's lots to explore in Plone 6 Read More >

Rocket emerging from laptop
August 24, 2020
Electron, Desktop Development at the Speed of Electricity >

If you have used Electron before, your initial experiences may have been less than ideal. Perhaps the apps you used were slow and clunky. However, did you know that Slack and VS Code are both Electron apps? They run pretty smoothly. Perhaps it is time to give it a second (or first, or third) look! Read More >

Stacked rocks on beach
August 11, 2020
12 Months of Web Optimization >

Don't wait until it's too late to make important maintenance updates. We've compiled our top tips for 12 months of peace of mind... Read More >

Why Our Clients Pick Us


  • Python
  • React
  • SaltStack
  • Terraform
  • AWS


  • CI/CD for faster delivery
  • EOS® for traction
  • Flex6™ for execution
  • BEST™ for high performing teams


  • Human centered
  • Data driven
  • Team oriented
  • Proactive always
  • Can-do by design

How to work with Us.


Project 5

Can we help you?

An initial 15-minute conversation to go over the 5 key elements of your project.


Vision Builder

Getting on the same page

A Complimentary 90-minute conversation with stakeholders to define success KPI, priorities, timeline, and budget.


Strategic Planning

Why? What? How? When? How much?

A deep dive into the requirements coupled with a technical investigation that leads to a system architecture as well as detailed time and budget estimates.


High Performance Delivery

Rapid Development

Agile implementation phase based on best practices, frequent deployments, and weekly Pulse Report™ reviews.


Maintenance and Support

Scheduled and unexpected

Flexible options around Continuous Innovation, proactive maintenance, and critical emergency support.


Skill Up

Training and mentoring

Helping build high performing IT teams through technology, process and culture.

Ready for a conversation?

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Who We Are

Python + Cloud = Our Passion

Six Feet Up, Inc. is a certified WBE software company that helps growth-minded leaders leverage modern technologies and processes to move their companies forward.  Whether you need to fast track your app dev projects, leverage Cloud technology, or upskill your tech teams, we are here to help you accelerate ahead.

Companies like NASA and UCLA have sought out our passion for quality since 1999.

We work hard at promoting best practices and automation. To this end, we have founded the IndyAWS meetup as well as the IndyPy Python user group. The latter celebrated its 13th anniversary in 2020 with 1,800+ members.

Six Feet Up is powered by the EOS Process™ and is headquartered in the technology park of Fishers, right in the heart of Indiana.