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Discover BEST™: The ultimate framework for accelerating software delivery.


BEST™ was developed for technical decision makers who are tired of delayed product launches, missed deadlines, and endless rounds of defects.

Lack of delivery traction is frequently blamed on a variety of issues, such as:

    • Inadequate communication among team members
    • Frequent changes in priorities
    • Lack of clear project goals and objectives
    • Insufficient or inadequate resources, including budget, time, and personnel
    • Inefficient development methodologies and practices
    • Dependencies on third-party tools or technologies
    • Difficulties with integrating software components or systems
    • Poorly written or incomplete code
    • Staff turnover or lack of skilled developers
    • Conflicts or disagreements among team members
    • Delays in obtaining necessary approvals or permissions
    • Inadequate documentation or outdated documentation
    • Security vulnerabilities and concerns
    • Insufficient or inadequate testing
    • Ineffective monitoring
    • Etc.

Most of those issues can be prevented and/or quickly solved by rolling out a new way of working.

Developed by Six Feet Up, a software consultancy with 20+ years of experience, the BEST™ framework uses a combination of proprietary individual assessments, advanced data charts, and team/individual coaching to cut down on development time and allow your team to focus on building features that matter.

With BEST™, you'll be able to:

  • Accelerate software development delivery and improve time-to-market
  • Enhance software quality and reduce defects and issues
  • Increase team productivity and collaboration
  • Optimize development processes and methodologies
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations

If you're looking to take your enterprise software development to the next level, BEST™ is your go-to resource. This comprehensive framework is packed with industry-leading best practices, tips, and techniques to help you build, execute, automate, and innovate with confidence.


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What is BEST™

The Best Enterprise Software Techniques (“BEST”) framework is designed to streamline development process, increase productivity, and reduce time to market.

BEST™ consists of four powerful phases that work together to provide you with comprehensive insights, actionable recommendations, and expert coaching.

  1. The first phase is individual online assessments, where each team member answers questions to assess their SDLC practices. This data is then compiled to generate individual and team charts that compare scores across people and groups, giving you a clear picture of where each team stands and what areas need improvement.
  2. In the second phase, our expert team analyzes the results of the assessments and generates recommendations for improvements based on the data. These recommendations are organized in priority order, so you can focus on the most critical areas first and ensure maximum impact on your team's performance.
  3. Once the areas for improvement have been identified, our third phase focuses on coaching and mentoring to help your team members develop the best practices they need to excel. We will work with your team to develop customized training plans and provide ongoing support to ensure that everyone is equipped to perform at their best.
  4. Finally, in the fourth phase, you will track progress over time and see the impact of the improvements you have made. This data-driven approach ensures that you are always making informed decisions and taking action based on real insights.

In summary, BEST™ offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing your team's performance and productivity. With individual assessments, team comparisons, data-driven recommendations, and expert coaching, we are confident that our framework will help you unlock your team's full potential and achieve your goals. Whether you're an enterprise or a startup, this framework is an invaluable resource for any software development team looking to stay on top of their game and drive their business forward.

Have your teams take the BEST™ assessments today and start building software that is truly creating traction.


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Assessments: 19 Datapoints across 4 stages

BEST™ assessments are carefully crafted to evaluate your current software development practices and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Assessments are organized into four key stages, each focused on a critical aspect of the software development process:

  1. Build the Stage: Lay the groundwork for successful software development with proven strategies for team building, environment setup, documentation, and coding standards.
  2. Execute & Iterate: Build robust and stable systems with source control, instrumentation, and built-in security practices. Develop a growth mindset through ongoing training and code reviews.
  3. Step Up & Automate: Streamline your development process with automation tools and best practices for testing, deployment, and monitoring. Improve reliability and uptime through continuous integration.
  4. Transform & Accelerate: Stay ahead of the curve and drive growth by tracking trends, identifying opportunities, and fostering a culture of experimentation. Orchestrate and scale up.
Stage I
Build the Stage

Issue Identification & Resolution

Developers Environment Setup

Access Management



Coding Standards

Stage II
Execute & Iterate

Growth Mindset

Source Control Management



Code Reviews

    Stage III
    Step Up & Automate

    Configuration Management


    Testing and CI

    Disaster Recovery

      Stage IV
      Transform & Accelerate

      Team Resiliency

      Tracking & Forecasting



        Whether you're a startup looking to establish a strong foundation for growth or an established enterprise seeking to optimize your software development processes, the BEST™ framework can help you achieve your objectives.

        Don't let outdated or inefficient software development practices hold you back. Find out how BEST™ can help you accelerate your development delivery.


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