Foster the development of a more innovative and collaborative culture. 

Stop looking for new technical resources: skill up your current team. Foster the development of a more innovative and collaborative culture. Help your team adopt lean software development practices through BEST™ workshops. Those will be the most productive 2h weekly meetings they have ever had.

Discover BEST™: a practical orchestration process for growth-minded tech teams.

Act I

Hold L10 Weekly Meetings

  • Start with the end in mind
  • Proactively solve issues

Set up Your PowerStation

  • Install Python
  • Install IDE
  • Install Docker desktop

Audit Your Access

  • Access to specifications
  • Access to source control
  • Access to VPN
  • Access to secrets management
  • Access to API keys
  • Access to communication tools

Contribute to a Collaborative Culture

  • Ask for and give help
  • Lean in and stand up

Establish Living Documentation

  • Living Specbook
  • Issue tracker management

Adopt Coding Standards

  • The Zen of Python
  • PEP8
  • Idioms for good code hygiene
Act II
Execute & Iterate

Commit to a Growth Mindset

  • Codewars challenges
  • Git katas

Use Source Control Like Your Life Depends on It

  • Commit your code frequently
  • Use good commit messages
  • Workflow
  • Obtain commitment

Instrument What's Important

  • Log & Metric Collection
  • Alerting
  • Analytics & Reporting

Run Code Reviews

  • Select a protocol
  • Establish a cadence
Step Up & Automate

Leverage configuration management

  • "The Rules of DevOps Club"

Commit to orchestration

  • Segment your environments
  • Have repeatable deployments
  • Scale out easily
  • Automate common tasks
  • Respond to events in the environment

Test and run Continuous Integration

  • Automated tests should run after each release
  • The Build should be separate from the Run
  • Known security vulnerabilities should be automatically rejected
  • Code style checks
Act IV
Think Forward
  • Forecast
  • Anticipate
  • Innovate

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