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Six Feet Up Launches Lineage 2.0

Six Feet Up Launches Lineage 2.0

Lineage is a multisite management tool for the open source, Python-based Plone CMS.  It allows website administrators to turn a folder in Plone into a whole new subsite in just a few clicks.  This allows each subsite to be controlled by a specific group of people, allows that site to inherit content from the parent site, and allows it to have its own theme.  Lineage is used by major organizations including the Notre Dame College of Engineering and Penn State's College of Liberal Arts to centrally manage tens to hundreds of subsites.

Lineage 2.0 is a major step in letting the Plone community and website managers know that Lineage is ready for the anticipated release of Plone 5. Lineage 2.0 supports either Dexterity or Archetypes, further increasing its compatibility with various Plone configurations. For those already using Lineage, a clear migration path from Lineage 1.1 to 2.0 has been created with Lineage 1.1.2.

To learn more about the Lineage 2.0 release and all its changes, read our blog post.

For those looking to add advanced syndication and global member profiles to a Plone & Lineage site, Six Feet Up offers a paid solution: WebUnity.

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