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A Festival and a Plone Sprint

Go to an awesome outdoor festival, or go to a Plone Sprint? If you come to the Bastille Day Plone Sprint July 13-17th you can do both!

Right now is a critical time in Plone development with Plone 5 just around the corner. Join Us.

In response to Liz Leddy's call to action at Plone Symposium Midwest, Six Feet Up decided to host a Plone Sprint back-to-back with the Indiana Bastille Day Celebration they organize and run. The Plone Sprint will be focused on Plone.app.toolbar and on Plone Marketing.

Plone.app.toolbar & Plone Marketing

Plone.app.toolbar is an important part of the Plone 5 UI overhaul. If you are interested in understanding this and honing your JavaScript development skills at the same time, make sure to join in.

Plone Marketing is also a critical component to the launch of Plone 5 and the continued proliferation of the application. Lend your expertise to plan the messaging around Plone, its newest features and how it excels.

Plone Sprint - Bastille Day

Indiana Bastille Day

July 13th, before the Sprint, is Indiana Bastille Day. This free and family-friendly event is complete with:

  • Live music
  • French songs
  • Artisan food & crafts
  • Petanque tournament
  • Wine and beer tasting/garden
  • Marionette shows
  • "Paint in the Park" classes
  • A candlelight parade
  • An amazing laser light show
  • and more...

Indiana Bastille Day Banner - 2013

So make sure to show up early for Indiana Bastille Day, and stay through the 17th to push Plone 5 closer to completion!

Food, Travel & Lodging

Six Feet Up is providing a full-service Sprint experience complete with:

  • Free transportation from the airport (only for certain arrival/departure times)
  • Free food
  • Free lodging at a Sixie's home (you can opt to pay for a hotel room)
  • and a free festival to kick things off

Financial support for air travel is available through donations from the Plone Foundation.

For all the details on this great event visit http://www.sixfeetup.com/company/news/calendar/bastille-day-plone-sprint-indianapolis

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