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Scality debuts Zenko at Cloud Field Day 9

Scality debuts Zenko at Cloud Field Day 9

Cloud Field Day is a regular event organized by Tech Field Day, which brings together the best independent thought leaders in the enterprise cloud space. I had the honor to be invited to participate as a Delegate. On Thursday, November 7, 2020 the ninth edition of the Cloud Field Day focused on Scality who presented several of their public and private cloud management solutions.

Scality was one of the many key players presenting at the event. They develop several different products to use in the cloud. Some of their most exciting offerings which they showcased at the event are:

    • Ring, a software-defined storage solution, which interfaces with Kubernetes and runs on public clouds and on-prem
    • MetalK8s, an implementation of Kubernetes designed with private, on-prem clouds in mind
    • Zenko, a new comprehensive multi-cloud management system for hybrid cloud environments

Screenshot from the presentation showing off Scality ZenkoThe team put together several demos showing how Ring solves problems such as connecting various types of storage together. It also allows different object storage solutions such as S3, Google Storage, and Azure Storage to sync up with one another. It facilitates write operations from one-to-one and one-to-many storage solutions, such as copying a large amount of data from file storage into one or more object storage solutions.

MetalK8s provides sane and opinionated ways to deploy Kubernetes on-prem. Kubernetes was designed with the public cloud in mind, so MetalK8s adds tweaks and features that have private on-premise clouds in mind. You can learn more and even contribute upstream from the MetalK8s Github Repo.

Finally Zenko is a complete multi-cloud management solution which incorporates Ring and MetalK8s. There is a free demo of Zenko you can try by visiting zenko.io/try-zenko.

Huge shoutout to presenters Nicolas Trangez, Principal Architect at Scality, CPO Paul Speciale, and Director of Engineering Rahul Padigela. Their presentation was as informative as it was entertaining.

To see more screenshots and commentary check out the Twitter thread we live-tweeted alongside the event, and you can watch the whole presentation as well as all the other CFD9 presentations on YouTube.

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