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ShipIt Day 13 rocked the sixie house, literally

ShipIt Day 13 rocked the sixie house, literally


Wow, we got a lot of awesomeness done during this ShipIt Day! And we got to hang out in the comfort of Calvin & Gabrielle's home while we plugged away. It was tons of fun and some of us worked tirelessly until 6 am.

Here's a recap of the projects that we took on:

Team EasySlideShow

Chrissy worked at getting EasySlideShow ready for Plone 5. There is now an option to display images at the original size without using plone.app.imaging. You can navigate across image titles, and Chrissy fixed some past issues. The new version runs on the Cycle2 plugin for jQuery and doesn't use the Plone skins folder anymore. Keep an eye out for a new release, hopefully later this month, at https://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.easyslideshow.

Team Lineage Cleanup

Calvin took on the major task of getting Lineage ready for Plone 5 and merging a bunch of community changes to the codebase. There are a few tests that need to be written, but things are looking good for a new release soon. It will be available at: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.lineage

Team Time Saver

Rob loves the osx program, Quicksilver, and helps maintain the open source project. He decided to get it to control our web based time tracking application. Now we can use Quicksilver to look up tasks and start timers without manually navigating to the time tracking site in our browsers. He still has to spend some time to get it fully functioning for the team, but everyone was really excited to see what he did so far.

Team Success (Stories)

Recently prospects have asked for lists of sites that all implemented the same feature or product. Our portfolio was organized by industry so these had to be made every time. Gabrielle and Carol took on the task of reorganizing the content in our portfolio section so success stories can be viewed by use case or by industry. Now if you want to see a list of projects that all used a multisite management tool or all the ones that needed to syndicate content, you can. Over time we will convert more stories to the new format. Check out the new portfolio.

Team Prefect

Clayton decided it was time that we upgrade our note taking application, Etherpad, to the latest version. He worked on setting up a new virtual machine with salt and vagrant for the node based version of the app. He even figured out how to migrate all of our existing notepads. Once the new version is live we will even be able to use markdown, which is a huge bonus to our team!

Team Streamline

Jen Mukes and Arin went through all of our projects in Trac and cleaned out the system. They also worked on some nifty csv files and scripts that will help automate the setup of tasks and new projects in the future. They also set up a system for using flags to track weekly tasks in a major project of ours. All of this is going to make managing project tickets smoother.

Team Campaignia!

With input from several people on the team I was able to put together an automated email campaign that shares Plone How To articles with subscribers on a weekly basis. It uses search queries, feed burner, and Yahoo pipes to parse and feed info to MailChimp. This produces an email digest from multiple feeds that go out only when there is a new Plone How to article. You can sign up for it here: http://eepurl.com/3EbwP

Team Get It Together

Our Director of Accounting, Jen Myers, won ShipIt Day for having a fully completed project that was awesome for her and benefited the company! She worked on updating and creating new documents that track and forecast the financial health of the company. Jen also did a bunch of other organization work including a massive amount of document shredding. Jen won a $200 donation to the charity of her choice and donated it to Calvin's NYC marathon fund. He is running the race and raising money for our client, the Innocence Project.

And there you have it! We believe a lot in the power of ShipIt Day and have helped others start their own. If you are interested in learning more about ShipIt day give us a shout.

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