Data disasters are often completely out of your control. Power outages, natural disasters, failed servers, these issues can all happen at any time. And, when they do, they can bring your business to a screeching halt.

Data disaster preparedness is more than having a backup in a second or even third location. It’s about having the ability to deploy the contingency infrastructure while the primary is being fixed.  It’s about adequately testing updates before pushing them live and avoiding downtime to keep your business moving forward. It’s about having the precautions in place to help you avoid the downtime caused by disasters in the first place.

The Six Feet Up Team are known to be passionate problem solvers but we always find it quite a bit more fun to solve problems way before disaster strikes. Perhaps you agree with that strategy. Need an outside perspective on the quality of your disaster recovery plan?

Rapid Recovery

Avoiding Disruption With Proactive Recovery

Disasters can leave you in the dark...literally. They aren’t just cause by bad weather hitting a data center. Disasters are now caused by user error, corrupted software, and malicious bugs designed to disrupt your business. When these types of disasters strike, you need a rapid, easy-to-implement solution that takes a proactive approach. Downtime is not an option. Downtime is our sworn enemy.


  • Protect Your Data. Protect Your Business

    The first step is too keep your data protected in the first place. With so much changing in the data storage and security landscape on a regular basis, your team must stay on top of best practices. Backdoors have to be locked. Backups needs to be updated in real time. Servers require constant maintenance.

  • Recover. Restore. Regain Your Position.

    When the disasters do strike, you’ll be ready to go with a protected, updated backup deployment. Recovery is a restoration process. As the primary is being fixed, you can easily deploy one of the backup systems, so customers don’t recognize any disruptions and your business can keep moving.

  • Roll Out The Backup System. Keep Moving Forward

    As the backup infrastructure is deployed, you keep your employees productive, your organization moving, and your end-users enjoying their experiences. All the while, a team is working to restore the primary system and make any updates needed to keep it running smoothly when it goes back live.


Disaster Recovery The Six Feet Up Way

Keeping Your Team Moving In The Right Direction

With 18 years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about disaster recovery. But, more than that, we’ve learned what it takes to keep data protected and how to rapidly recover to backup infrastructure and implement it the right way. Our team understands that there isn’t a convenient time for disasters to strike, but there is a way to avoid disruptive downtime and ensure a smoother customer experience when they do strike.

Infrastructure Optimization: Architecting a solid foundation to build on.

Infrastructure and architecture are two things that Sixies tend to geek out about it. Smooth processes are no joke. Your disaster recovery program needs the right backups of everything, so that when something does go down, our team can easily deploy the contingency system and correct the primary. Without the right infrastructure in place, it’ll be impossible to implement backup plans.

Documentation. Documentation. Documentation: The three most important words in disaster recovery.

Sixies are especially passionate about documentation. Experience has helped us develop an advanced understanding of how to mitigate the damage disasters cause. Having a detailed roadmap accelerates response time and minimizes the potential for wasted development time.

Managed Services: The lifeline we hope you never need to use

Like we said, disaster recovery needs to be proactive. Through our managed services, we can keep your applications, website, and data monitored in real-time to avoid downtime. Having watchful eyes over your digital properties means someone is always ready to get you back up and running. If things go wrong, we’re ready.

Disaster Recovery Services

The services you hope never get used. Unfortunately, “hope” is not a strategy.

Performance modeling (aka get the requirements)

Knowing your organization’s disaster recovery needs is an essential part of our services. Certain risks or recovery requirements are unique to each organization. By studying your disaster recovery needs, we can work to develop short and long term plans to address them effectively and work with you to manage your budget to provide optimum results.

Analysis of the current infrastructure

Some risks are easy to identify. Others are industry or organization specific. A key tool in understanding your specific risk includes the Six feet Up risk assessment services for current infrastructures. It’s likely you have an idea of many of the potential fail points in your current disaster recovery plan. We have found it to be highly valuable to make sure we do a detailed inspection of your current infrastructure. In the past, we have uncovered significant unforeseen threats and have presented recommendations to address them.

Strategic Recommendations

Detailed recommendation services can be invaluable to helping you understand your current situation, opportunities for improvement, and most critical threats. Throughout our engagement you will come to rely on the team at Six Feet Up for all kinds of insights and recommendations to help you improve many areas of your technology environment.


Not all threats are created equally. Some can be especially dangerous. Others not so much but much more likely. We’ll work with you to prioritize your most critical assets, biggest threats, and most critical timelines to help you achieve a safer working environment as quickly as necessary.

Solution Implementation

We love building disaster recovery plans. We really love actively solving the problems. Your disaster recovery team from Six Feet Up will work with you to implement the necessary changes you need to protect your data. If disaster strikes, we’ll step in to help you quickly recover. After all, our team is an extension of yours. We’re all in this together.

Proactive Maintenance

An unfortunate part of technology threats is that they change rapidly. Today’s disaster plan will hopefully never be used but tomorrow’s disaster plan always needs to be ready. You need a partner that is forward looking and dedicated to every reasonable effort to future proof the technology

Guaranteed Support 

Are you ready for the next disaster? Grab the lifeline. Welcome back to sanity.

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