You’ve put a ton of hard work into building and refining your systems and applications. You want it to absolutely outperform expectations of your users. The last thing you need is a bad user experience that impacts your business in negative ways. Together, let’s build and execute a plan that helps ensure your applications and environments are ready to perform as fast as you need them to.

Since performance optimization can be a pretty broad concept, here are some examples of the problems our clients have needed us to solve in the past:

  • Reduce hosting costs by eliminating unnecessary moving parts on their application.
  • Decrease response time by refactoring the code and reducing redundancies.
  • Decrease the possibility of an outage by reviewing operating system performance and third-party integrations.
  • Speed up page rendering times by implementing caching best practices or CDN strategies.

Eliminate unnecessary costs for features they weren’t using


Here’s How We’ll Begin

Moving Below The Surface Details

Your team at Six Feet Up can help you through a strategic site analysis and performance optimization. This will help us all better understand the scope of engagement. We’ll go below the surface level of your site to identify key areas of improvement right from our first meeting. We’ll be focused on:

1. Understanding and documenting the optimization challenges.

 We will spend time reviewing the backend of your application, analyzing the front-end user experience, and gaining a better understanding of the landscape. We’ll also review other constraints such as time, budget, and level of finish. We’ll gather all the information in a Technical Overview report.

2. Prioritize red flags.

 Using the Technical Overview report, we’ll prioritize the red flags we found and make recommendations on what needs to happen first and how we’ll accomplish it. We’ll discuss the challenges we found, the issues those challenges create, and what we recommend for resolving them.

3. Solve the Problems, Maximize Performance

 Once we’ve all agreed on a game plan, your Six Feet Up team will get to work. We’ll clean code until it sparkles, deploy cutting edge caching techniques, deploy content globally into a CDN, and optimize databases until they are lean, mean world class performers. Your application is valuable. Let’s make sure it performs at its peak.

Performance Optimization Services:

Performance modeling

Performance optimization encompasses many disciplines and each technology has nuances. Couple these variations with different business priorities and the possibilities seem endless. By building a performance model, we’ll work with you to make sure we have the right plan before the project starts. 

Analysis of the current system

Based on the fact that you are looking for performance optimization services, chance are something is not right. The question is ‘why?’. What is causing the disruption and what is the most cost efficient way to achieve a better situation for all users? Our performance optimization analysis will help to answer this and many more questions about the best path forward.

Strategic Recommendations

Throughout our time together, we will be seeking to learn as much as we can about you, your team, your business, and your priorities. We use this information to make recommendations both formally and informally. Providing recommendations throughout our relationship will help to bring the value you expect from a truly invested partner. 


Performance optimization is a broad term. In a perfect world you could have it all. Constraints like budget, time, and available technology assets will likely force choices. Let us help you understand the ins and outs of each of these decisions including the tradeoffs that can be made to achieve the best possible solution. Together we will build a plan that is prioritized in a way that provides the most value to your organization.

Expert Implementation

The Six Feet Up performance optimization implementation process is sometimes referred to as poetry in motion. We’ll build a team that has the right skills and years of experience to perform all needed tasks to bring the optimization plan to life. Sit back and relax. Your application will be tweaked into perfection.

Proactive Maintenance

Data changes over time. New technologies come to market. Best practices evolve. Your Six Feet Up Team stays up to date and seeks out opportunities to continuously improve the code, the environment, and your ROI.

Guaranteed Support

We offer a variety of support options including plans with guaranteed response time. No matter what the issue with your Cloud, we have your back and are ready to assist you.


Are you ready to optimize the performance of your web apps and/or infrastructure? Are you ready to better connect with users? So are we.

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