The quality and security of our Data Center and Disaster Recovery Data Center play a large part in our success providing robust managed hosting services.

Primary Data Center

Six Feet Up maintains a secure, private cage at our primary Data Center, located in Indianapolis, IN. Access is controlled through the utilization of dual factor authentication. A combination of proximity card readers and a manual security key code entry ensure lost proximity cards do not allow access to the secure facility. Highly secure mantraps are employed to ensure only authorized personnel have colocation facility access. These mantraps include monitoring for “tailgating” and will activate if this situation is detected. All door access is monitored, recorded and time stamped on an individual card basis. A pre-screening background check conducted by outside agency is used to determine eligibility of colocation site access. 

The data center has 24-hour video surveillance and is protected by Homeland Security and Metropolitan Police Departments. It is located in a hardened Telco-grade facility capable of resisting an F5 tornado and utilizes state of the art double interlocking dry pipe fire suppression. 

The data center offers N+1 multiple 20-ton computer air handlers per room; computer room air conditioners are individually piped for no single point of failure. 

Six Feet Up takes advantage of true A-B power by utilizing dual corded servers for uninterrupted power delivery. In case of power failure, the data center supplies N+1 generator and UPS connections. Diesel generators automatically activate when commercial power is interrupted. To maintain uninterrupted power service UPS and power conditioning are engineered into each power/diesel generator feed. Electrical component placement is engineered to TIA-942 specifications. 

Disaster Recovery Data Center

The Six Feet Up Disaster Recovery Data Center, located in Fortville, IN, acts as our alternate site. It utilizes a concrete reinforced room secured by a 3” steel door and deadbolt. 

The facility is designed with a hot and cold aisle layout. A 2009 Bryant 2-ton air conditioner and air handler provides the Six Feet Up Disaster Recovery Data Center with cooling and ventilation. This system utilizes a Micro Power Guard air filtration system to remove dust particles down to .10 micron in size. The condensing unit is equipped with a low-ambient temperature sensor which allows year round use of the cooling system. In case of a commercial power failure the air conditioner is on a circuit powered by the emergency back up generator.

Temperature and humidity are monitored through an interface powered by a state of the art environmental monitoring system. The solution is designed to protect against physical threats, which can cause disruption or downtime to IT infrastructure. The monitoring appliance maintains the status of various sensors and controls and records specific events to video when triggered. It provides temperature, humidity, door contact, dry contact, spot leak, vibration, and smoke monitoring. 

Six Feet Up employs multiple UPS units and utilize dual corded hardware to support critical pieces of the infrastructure. PDUs with automatic transfer switches are used to support single corded network infrastructure and maintain stable power to the network.

The commercial power for the Six Feet Up Disaster Recovery Data Center is protected by a UPS and includes failover to an auxiliary power generator. The generator fuel source is natural gas, which removes the dependency on supplies of diesel fuel or the need to re-fill the fuel tanks daily. The backup generator is tested monthly and has regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure proper switch over in case of a main power grid failure. Maintenance is scheduled in advance and has no impact on the power in the facility. Six Feet Up will inform the designated client contact of any scheduled maintenance windows.

The building has a keypad alarm with entry and motion detectors at all access areas of the building. The alarm is monitored 24 hours a day by a commercial alarm company. Access to the data center room is limited to Six Feet Up System Administrators only. The outdoor components of the cooling system and the backup generator is enclosed within a perimeter fence for additional security.


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