Six Feet Up embraces an "open" philosophy in our technology, and in the way we treat our customers. Our long history of participation in the open source community has solidified our position with our peers, while our transparent and inclusive communication with our customers distinguishes us as a technical company that focuses on your needs. 

The “Trac” system is the centerpiece of our approach. Trac is a password-protected, web-based software designed to simplify tracking and communication of project issues, enhancements and monitoring overall progress. Trac ensures that our Clients get involved in every phase of the project by making it easy to report, annotate and follow up on project tasks, design concepts, software bugs and changes. 

Using well respected collaboration tools like Trac, our clients are intimately involved with the development of their own software. Six Feet Up maintains a well used database of a project's development history that allows the client to monitor the development of their software and respond to queries regarding their needs. Our customers always have the latest information regarding their project online, so they never have to worry about being "out of the loop".

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