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Blueprint Exploratory Phase

Six Feet Up's Blueprint Exploratory Phase is the first step. We want to make sure we understand your needs and your project’s big picture, as well as any relevant opportunities and limitations.

Once the goals have been clearly identified, we can work on solidifying the requirements and prioritizing the features. This preliminary work usually leads to the development of dynamic wireframes, system diagrams, and a list of business and technical requirements with detailed budget estimates. These documents are key to the success of your project as they represent the blueprints for your implementation phase.


Our design process is flexible and builds upon the work performed during the Blueprint Exploratory phase. We can work with your designers, or you can work with ours. Either way, we want to get you what you need in a manner that you're comfortable with. Ideally the design should be responsive and should take back-end constraints into consideration.


Transparency and ongoing communication are very important for the development process. Your team has access to our project management software to monitor progress, submit change requests, and make comments as necessary. Your assigned project manager keeps you and your team involved so that you can influence critical decisions and know what your project status is at any time. We reach out to you if there are any questions or concerns, and we encourage you to do the same. We send you regular budget and scope updates.


Quality is one of our key values. To guarantee the system we are building is robust and reliable, we include extensive testing in our project plan. Both our Development and Quality Assurance teams test the code throughout any development life cycle. Testing typically includes acceptance testing, regression testing, testing of all new features, and load testing. In parallel, we encourage you to review the work in progress on a sandbox environment.


Before your new site goes live, we offer to train your team on the new system. Whether you prefer hands-on and onsite, or web-based training solutions, we can get your staff trained efficiently. Oftentimes, helping your team enter content in the new site can be the best training opportunity.


To make sure the transition to the new system is as smooth as possible for your visitors, we sit down with you and develop a clear release plan. Depending on your needs, we can coordinate with both your organization and your 3rd-party vendors to make sure all release-related work takes place in a timely fashion.

Optimize & Maintain

When launching a new system, it is important to have the right kind of measurements in place so that you know what's working, what's not, and why. You will need the data because ongoing monitoring and regular informed adjustments are the key to any successful online endeavor. Our project management software is at the center of the ongoing optimization and maintenance effort, and helps prioritize and schedule changes.


Our support and monitoring options are very flexible and adapt to the level of services you need for your new system. This can range from a standard 5 day support, business hours only, to a guaranteed 1h response time, 24/7. You can decide to monitor your system or we can perform regular checks for you. The choice is yours.

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