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Six Feet Up Hosts the First "Plone Tune-Up Rally"

Six Feet Up invited all Plone and Python developers to join the very first "Plone Tune-Up Rally" event on Friday afternoon, July 25th, 2008.

"Plone Tune-Up Rally" is an event that happens every other Friday afternoon and aims at addressing tickets in the Plone issue tracker and advancing Plone in general. It is a great opportunity for all to work together and discuss development tricks with influential Plonistas.

Announced just 2 days prior, this first event rallied up to 16 people in the irc chat room (#plone-tuneup on irc.freenode.net ), with 9 of them actively working on tickets.

Some of the accomplishments include:
 * David Glick fixed up the login failure page so that it does not show portlets;
 * Erik Rose looked into an issue where Collections bring back it's related items into the search results.  Led to a discussion of why the feature was there;
 * Calvin Hendryx-Parker enhanced comment replies to use the previous comment's title as the 'Subject';
 * Clayton Parker fixed the group preference page so that hitting enter in the search field returned search results, rather than creating a new group;
 * Lucie Lejard looked into issues with validation of Archetypes edit forms;
 * Kurt Bendl investigated an issue regarding the indexing of FileField that was returning 'None';
 * and more... (apologies to other Plonistas not mentioned here)

In addition, several tickets were triaged, closed as invalid or marked as duplicates.  And some new tickets were created as we ran into bugs.

The next Plone Tune-Up Rally spearheaded by Six Feet Up will take place Friday, August 8th at 2pm EDT.

Thanks for filling out the form! A Six Feet Up representative will be in contact with you soon.

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