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PWC2022 Day 3 Recap: Dev Growth Skills and More

PWC2022 Day 3 Recap: Dev Growth Skills and More

Day 3 of the 2022 Python Web Conference, organized by Six Feet Up, opened with a keynote that inspired developers to embrace the skills and the mindset needed to have long, flourishing, ever-growing careers. 

Kathy Keating, the VP of Engineering for Ad Hoc, shared the top 10 skills she uses every day and urges development teams to adopt. Kathy's growth path includes: understand the problem, set clear goals, treat everything as an experiment, keep score, embrace feedback, access skill maturity, know your plays, remember empathy is magical, be a self-aware systems thinker and don't do it alone. 


“The power of our community is simply magical,” said Kathy. “I challenge you to be the leader who chooses to grow exponentially.”

Highlights from the third day:

How Nuclia API can build a better search engine

Ramon Navarro Bosch, co-creator of Guillotina and Nuclia, discussed the problems facing modern search engines and how nucliadb and the open source Nuclia API leverage AI to get around those barriers. He also announced a chance for attendees to get early anticipated access to nucliadb and Nuclia API through the Nuclia website.

Conducting an in-place Plone migration

Annette Lewis, an experienced Plone and Python developer at Six Feet Up, discussed a recent project that involved migrating a website from Plone 5.2 on Python 2, to Plone 5.3 on Python 3. In order to complete the project and maintain both the functionality and resources from the original website, Annette chose to do an in-place migration that involved designing a programmatic conversion process.

“This was a mature site with a long history,” said Annette. “I had to make sure I accounted for that when we were going through this migration process.” 

Accidentally creating a serverless application

JJ Asghar, a developer advocate for IBM Cloud, was looking for a way to quickly create multiple clusters that he could use to show new developers the ropes. JJ walked Python Web Conference attendees through the many twists and turns that took place on the way to developing an application that does just that.

“Serverless applications are Rube Goldberg machines," said JJ. "Whoever says they're not, they don't know what a serverless application is, or even if they say they're an expert, they obviously have never run one in production.” 


Day 4 promises to bring a host of interesting subjects and the return of Lightning Talks. Check out the 2022 Python Web Conference schedule to see what Day 4 has in store. Read the recap articles about Day 1, and Day 2.

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