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IndyPy: Making Art using Python and ML

IndyPy: Making Art using Python and ML

The October 2022 edition of IndyPy — Indiana’s largest Python meetup founded in 2007 by Six Feet Up CTO and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Hero, Calvin Hendryx-Parker — featured an explanation and demonstration of generative art.

Srishti Yadav may be a machine learning engineer at CubicFarms, but she also paints as a hobby. She explains that generative art is where her passions collide — a collaboration between artist and computer that is based on algorithmic code using python and machine learning.

“Exhibitions have started to come up on generative art,” Yadav said during her presentation.

In her presentation, Yadav:

  • discusses how generative art models have evolved over the years,
  • compares how different generative art platforms generate different outputs from a given input; and
  • explains how different generative models work.

Attendees got in on the fun as well, suggesting prompts to enter to see what the open source platform Stability AI would create.

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 8.06.32 PM.png
Stability AI generated this output based on the prompt “IndyPy participants enjoying a speaker discussing AI-generated art.”

Watch the Presentation

Did you miss the presentation? Watch the recording and explore tidbits via @IndyPy’s live Twitter thread.

Links and Resources

You can find Yadav on:

Example of GAN: www.thispersondoesnotexist.com

Generative art platforms:

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