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AWS Hero Shares DeepBlaster Knowledge at Joint Meetup

AWS Hero Shares DeepBlaster Knowledge at Joint Meetup

The July 2021 edition of IndyAWS, Indiana’s fastest growing cloud meetup founded in 2017 by Six Feet Up CTO and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Hero Calvin Hendryx-Parker, joined forces with Boston AWS to host an in-depth discussion about an AWS DeepRacer — and how the custom DeepBlaster was created in just four short weeks.

Speaker Chris Miller, CEO of Cloud Brigade and AWS Machine Learning Hero, walked through his process for creating a DeepBlaster, including how he:

  • utilized the open sourced DeepRacer code,
  • setup the large list of nodes running the vehicle,
  • came up with the idea to attach a Jupiter Blaster to a DeepRacer, and
  • executed the creation in the nick of time. 

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