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Six Feet Up CTO Delves Into Portworx in Tech Talk

Six Feet Up CTO Delves Into Portworx in Tech Talk

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up’s CTO and AWS Community Hero, was invited to participate in a Tech Talk series that delves into Portworx, a Kubernetes storage platform by Pure Storage. In his article, “Push Past Kubernetes Complexity by Simplifying Compliance and Backup,” originally published on the Gestalt IT website, Calvin writes about the Portworx BaaS version of PX-Backup exclusively on AWS.

While Kubernetes has simplified deployment of launching applications in the cloud, Calvin writes that it is complex and developers must be aware that:

  • database and object storage in Kubernetes must be backed up,
  • snapshots from your cloud provider require custom scripting or orchestration; and
  • transferring your application between clouds requires a lot of footwork.

Portworx has applied the software as a service platform to backups by launching a “backup as a service” model that takes away the complexity of managing backups and allows maintaining parallel deployments in multiple clouds.

“The real magic of the solution is that it is application aware. In other words, you can back up at any time knowing you are getting consistent and reliable recovery of that database into the same provider or into a local version of the cluster,” Calvin writes.

In addition, Calvin interviews Rajiv Thakkar, Director of Product Marketing at the Cloud Business Unit, about the Portworx solution, which he writes allows developers to get back to being developers.

“With the worry about backups and migrations diminished, we can get back to what truly matters in the organization,” writes Calvin. “Knowing that the data is not locked in a specific cloud and that it will be consistently recoverable, developers can focus on building great applications and delivering value.”

Read the full article on the Gestalt IT website, and read about Six Feet Up’s cloud expertise here: https://sixfeetup.com/blog/cloud.

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