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Django Chat: Calvin Talks PWC2023, Dev Tools

Django Chat: Calvin Talks PWC2023, Dev Tools

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, returned to the Django Chat Podcast where he discussed the upcoming 2023 Python Web Conference as well as some of the tools that Six Feet Up developers have been using lately.

In particular, Hendryx-Parker touched on Airflow and how Six Feet Up developers were recently using it along with a host of cloud native tooling to implement a CI/CD pipeline for a state healthcare system. In a talk at PyCon US 2023, Hendryx-Parker is going to dive into a method that allows Airflow to churn up DAGs dynamically.

"I told this to some people in the big data world and they were like, ‘This can't be done in Airflow.’ I go, ‘We did it,’” Hendryx-Parker said.

Hendryx-Parker will also be giving the same talk at the Python Web Conference, which runs from March 13-17. He said that while the goal of Python Web Conference is to provide a virtual alternative to make the Python community more accessible to those who can’t attend regional conferences, the talks at this year’s event are not geared toward entry-level Pythonistas.

"We're going to bring some heavy hitting talks. It's really a lot of professional folks that are doing a lot of cool things in Python,” he said.

In the episode, Hendryx-Parker and the hosts also discussed:

  • the pros and cons of using new tools,
  • how Six Feet Up is focusing on the developer experience when it comes to implementation of various technologies,
  • Six Feet Up’s role in vetting technologies for clients,
  • host Carlton Gibson’s upcoming talk at PyCon Italia 2023; and
  • the importance of test-driven development.

Listen to Episode 134 - "Dev Environments"

The Django Chat Podcast is hosted by William Vincent and Carlton Gibson, featuring interviews, development tips and new features from the Django community. Read the show notes and the transcript on the Django Chat Podcast website.

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