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IndyPy Jan. 2023: Contributing to Python

IndyPy Jan. 2023: Contributing to Python

The January 2023 edition of IndyPy — Indiana’s largest Python meetup founded in 2007 by Six Feet Up CTO and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Hero, Calvin Hendryx-Parker — featured Python core developer Mariatta Wijaya, who discussed everything involved with contributing to the CPython repository.

Wijaya works as a senior developer relations engineer at Google, where she maintains Python open source libraries for Google databases. She is also the chair of PyCon US 2023, scheduled for April 19. She said she started contributing to open source projects in the Python community six years ago.

“If you keep making lots of contributions, at some point people want to give you more responsibilities and grant you the privileges to maintain the project,” Wijaya said of her pathway into maintaining the CPython repository.

In addition to talking about her duties as a core developer, Wijaya discusses:

  • how to become a core developer,
  • what’s included in the CPython developer’s guide,
  • the importance of good documentation; and
  • how to review issues and determine what parts of project to contribute to and how.

Watch the Presentation

Did you miss the presentation? Watch the recording and explore tidbits via @IndyPy’s live Twitter thread.

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