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An Intro to Airflow at January 2022 IndyPy

An Intro to Airflow at January 2022 IndyPy

We kicked off the 2022 season of IndyPy — Indiana’s largest Python meetup founded in 2007 by Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, Calvin Hendryx-Parker — with an “Introduction to Airflow.” In this presentation and live demo, Rocco Pascale, a Field Engineer at Astronomer, demonstrates how anyone with Python knowledge can deploy a workflow using Apache Airflow — an open-source platform created to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.

As Rocco explains, by writing a single DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) file in Python using existing provider packages — Astronomer currently has 82 providers and is regularly expanding its library — users can begin to define complex relationships between data and actions.

Read our live Twitter thread, and watch the video below for a deeper dive into Airflow, DAGS, tasks, operators and the core components that make Airflow run including the webserver, scheduler, metastore, executor, worker and triggerer.

Core Components of Airflow.jpg

Watch the presentation:

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