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Is Multi-Cloud Just a Fad?

Is Multi-Cloud Just a Fad?

In a recent episode of the Gestalt IT On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast, “High Availability Is the Worst Reason to Go Multi-Cloud,” Calvin Hendryx-Parker (Six Feet Up’s CTO and AWS Community Hero) and Ather Beg (Solutions Architect at Rackspace) joined moderator Tom Hollingsworth (Network Analyst for Gestalt IT) to discuss the benefits and downfalls of multi-cloud. The trio debated the value of multi-cloud and the reason why organizations should — or should not — adopt multi-cloud strategies.  

“Multi-cloud is like a fad diet,” laughed Calvin during the episode. “It’s going to be more expensive for companies to deploy applications in multiple cloud environments. Plus, by adding more complexity to the tech stack, companies are adding more points of failure because there are more moving pieces to manage.” 

What is one justification to go multi-cloud? “Specialized services,” said Calvin.

Additional topics addressed in the podcast included:

  • whether or not high availability is a valid justification to go to a multi-cloud system;
  • the costs associated with multi-cloud data transfer for AI/Machine Learning/Big Data applications;
  • common reasonings for choosing a multi-cloud system and what factors should actually be considered; and
  • how to become truly fault tolerant in the cloud.

Watch the Roundtable:

The Gestalt IT On-Premise IT Roundtable is a weekly podcast hosted by Tom Hollingsworth, Network Analyst at GestaltIT and Event Lead for Tech Field Day. Read the official show notes on the GestaltIT website.

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