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All-in-one Multisite Package for Plone, WebUnity, Unveiled

All-in-one Multisite Package for Plone, WebUnity, Unveiled

Large organizations, including Higher Ed and Healthcare, are being faced with the increasing complexity of managing multiple web properties while budgets shrink. Six Feet Up created WebUnity to solve the challenges many of its clients presented. WebUnity consolidates multiple stand-alone sites into a single parent/child structure, where each site looks like they are independently managed. WebUnity also allows content managers to easily share content across sibling and parent sites in a coordinated manner.

"It really is the best of both worlds"

With WebUnity, member directories and other global content can be stored for all sites to repurpose. Sites can also request that other parent/sibling sites syndicate their content. This allows managers at the top to keep common assets synced, while giving control of subsites to various teams or departments. "It really is the best of both worlds. You have central control of the brand and global content, and each department can still autonomously create content on their site or subsite." said Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, CEO of Six Feet Up.

WebUnity = Lineage + Resonate + SpotlightTo create WebUnity, the company took its newest Plone add-ons, Resonate and Spotlight, and bundled them with Lineage and other proven packages that the majority of clients need. Resonate enables content syndication across multiple sites in Lineage, and Spotlight provides an advanced global member directory that all sites in WebUnity can access. "This creates the complete multisite version of Plone that many of our clients keep asking for" said Calvin Hendyx-Parker, CTO of Six Feet Up. "The cost of running multiple sites becomes more predictable and it is much easier to maintain one stack than a multitude of stand-alone custom sites."

"It is much easier to maintain one stack than a multitude of stand-alone custom sites."

Unlike other multisite solutions, WebUnity is designed for an internal marketing team, not for a web development company to host multiple clients. It is ideal for college departments, healthcare networks and other groups that are large enough to have multiple sites, or a variety of subsites, and want to consolidate them in one place.

Six Feet Up can migrate existing sites to, or help clients start fresh on WebUnity. There are no user, site, or content limits with WebUnity. The package can also be customized and extended if necessary.

Learn more about WebUnity at http://www.sixfeetup.com/plone-cms/webunity

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