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Six Feet Up The Official Hosting Provider for New Online Knowledge Management Application

KARL (Knowledge And Resource Locator), an Open Society Institute (OSI) project,  is a web-based knowledge management application for large non-profit organizations. As it is, over 150 communities are using the system to coordinate entities scattered around the world.

Built on repoze.bfg and Python, KARL provides worldwide users with online classifieds, business, and social networking tools (forums, blog, wiki, calendar, etc.), people directories, and powerful search capabilities.

The first version of KARL was developed in 2007 for OSI. In Fall 2008, two KARL 2 pilots launched in partnership with Eurasia Foundation, a private non-profit organization mainly supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and Synergos, a worldwide non-profit organization with a mission to reduce global poverty.

Six Feet Up was approached by OSI to be the first and premier hosting vendor for KARL and has been supporting both Eurasia Foundation and Synergos pilots since 2008.

A third, more efficient, version of KARL is currently under development and is scheduled to launch in Spring 2009. The code of KARL 3 will eventually be open-sourced by OSI under the GNU General Public License Version 2.

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