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“With Six Feet Up, pigs truly can fly.”

“With Six Feet Up, pigs truly can fly.”

Six Feet Up was recently featured in an article — “Six Feet Up Helps Businesses Navigate Digital Transformation With Python App Development, AI, Big Data, and Cloud Hosting Solutions” —  by Sean Garrity, Managing Editor at HostingAdvice

TL; DR: Six Feet Up was founded over two decades ago as a web hosting company on a mission to help businesses expand their online presence. Over the years, the company has evolved with the industry and emerging technologies, and now offers a full suite of services to help organizations implement digital transformation strategies. Six Feet Up empowers its clients to streamline and modernize their approach to Python application development, AI and machine learning, Big Data, and public cloud hosting and management. And the company continues to use its resources to reimagine a better world by following the Six Feet Up mantra — “Make Anything Possible.”

“Our can-do mindset keeps the team focused on making anything possible for our clients,” Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CEO, said. “Whether we’re learning new tools or collaborating with competitors to combine our expertise, we will explore every avenue to meet joint goals.”

FlyingPig.pngGabrielle relayed one of her favorite stories that she said encapsulates the spirit of Six Feet Up. The company was working on a complex project involving the documentation of human languages. It was a massive undertaking, she said.

“Our team built a comprehensive archive that was both searchable and easy to navigate,” she said. “The client was thrilled with the end product, and during their next visit to our headquarters, they gave us a toy pig with wings saying: ‘With Six Feet Up, pigs truly can fly.’”

Read more about how Six Feet Up:

  • has kept businesses agile for more than two decades, 
  • “Makes Anything Possible” for clients, 
  • maintains its status as thought leaders, and 
  • helps build a better world by setting out to complete 10 IMPACTFUL projects by 2025. 

IMPACTFUL projects are projects that are impressive, purposeful, transformative and unquestionably benefit humankind. Currently, Six Feet Up has worked on three such projects — ranging from space exploration to lightning strike predictions and forest fire management.

"At Six Feet Up, we strive to use modern technologies and best practices to build a better world," Gabrielle said. "I am glad to report we are well on our way to achieving our goal.”

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