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The Plone Podcast: Episode 03 — Víctor Fernández de Alba

The Plone Podcast: Episode 03 — Víctor Fernández de Alba

Episode 3 of The Plone Podcast features guest Víctor Fernández de Alba.

Víctor is the CTO at kitconcept GmbH and is the co-author of the multilingual add-on and the default theme for Plone 5. He is actively involved in Plone development and advancement, and is excited to join the Plone Foundation Board for a sixth term in 2021.

You can find Víctor on:


The Plone Podcast, a monthly conversations about Plonistas for Plonistas, is produced by Six Feet Up. Every month, Six Feet Up's VP of Engineering T. Kim Nguyen sits down with a different member of the Plone community and asks them about their work with or on the Plone CMS.

The Plone Podcast is the video companion to the Plone Connection newsletter. You can see a list of all the episodes here. Watch the video version of the podcast on YouTube or find it on any podcast app by searching "Plone Podcast."

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