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Plone Podcast: Season 2: Ep. 5 — Mikel Larreategi

Plone Podcast: Season 2: Ep. 5 — Mikel Larreategi

Season 2 of The Plone Podcast, conversations about Plonistas for Plonistas, features guest Mikel Larreategi. Mikel leads Plone’s Internalization Team, which is responsible for the translation of Plone and add-on products. He has been a Pythonista from the beginning, and he started developing with Zope and Plone in 2005.

As a CodeSyntax developer from Eibar, Basque Country, where both Spanish and Basque are spoken, Mikel stresses the importance of translation in a multi-lingual world. When he’s not doing Plone development work for clients such as the European Environmental Agency, Mikel enjoys hiking in the mountains of northern Spain or playing chess with his local chess club. He’s played the game since age 9 and is even a chess arbiter (the chess equivalent of a referee).

Check out this episode to learn:

  • famous foods of northern Spain and Basque Country,
  • the pros and cons of developing Plone Classic vs. Volto; and
  • the uncanny number of Plone conferences that have been held in cities beginning with the letter B.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/erralin
GitHub: https://github.com/erral

The Plone Podcast — created by Plonistas for Plonistas — is produced by Six Feet Up. Six Feet Up's T. Kim Nguyen sits down with members of the Plone community and asks them about their work with or on the Plone CMS.

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