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Plone Podcast: Season 2, Ep. 4 — Steve McMahon

Plone Podcast: Season 2, Ep. 4 — Steve McMahon

Season 2 of The Plone Podcast, conversations about Plonistas for Plonistas, features guest Steve McMahon. A former Plone Foundation board member, Steve is a web developer who specializes in open-source Content Management Systems (CMSs) for non-profits. He is deeply invested in the open source community.

Steve started using Zope after learning about it at a Python meetup nearly 20 years ago. His work quickly shifted to Plone where he helped community organizations, such as the Davis Community Network and the Yolo Elections Office, create Plone sites.

Check out this episode to learn:

  • how Steve went from sociology to software development;
  • what Perl stands for and how computer languages have evolved;
  • how IRC and Joel Burton influenced the Plone community early on; and
  • why PloneFormGen, written by Steve and one of the most popular Plone add-ons, is not merged into core



The Plone Podcast — created by Plonistas for Plonistas — is produced by Six Feet Up. Six Feet Up's T. Kim Nguyen sits down with members of the Plone community and asks them about their work with or on the Plone CMS.

The Plone Podcast is the video companion to the Plone Connection newsletter. See a list of all the episodes here. Watch the video version of the podcast on YouTube, or find it on any podcast app by searching "Plone Podcast.”

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