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PyOhio 2022: Six Feet Up CTO Talks Setting Up

PyOhio 2022: Six Feet Up CTO Talks Setting Up

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, spoke about the Zen of Python and the importance of properly setting up a development computer during PyOhio 2022.

Calvin’s talk, “Bootstrapping your Local Python Environment,” delves into tools and techniques that will help developers of all levels:

  • install Python,
  • efficiently manage multiple virtual environments, and
  • reduce the complexity of developing across versions with a development computer.

One key part of this is the Zen of Python, which Calvin says is a helpful tool when it comes to shaping the way prospective developers approach setting up their development computer.

“It applies to more than just Python. There are lots of ways that this will make your life better,” Calvin said.

Three Zen of Python tenets in particular — “Beautiful is better than ugly,” “Explicit is better than implicit,” and “Simple is better than complex” — are at the core of Calvin’s presentation. To simplify development using Python, and help developers avoid potential pitfalls, Calvin recommends:

  • avoiding the use of sudo and any system versions of Python,
  • using pyenv to install and manage multiple versions and environments,
  • using pipx to install tools; and
  • using Docker and piptools to manage dependencies and create repeatable environments.

For more on bootstrapping your local environments and the Zen of Python, read Calvin’s blog post, “The Zen of Python: Bootstrapping Your Local Python Environment.”

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Held virtually for the third year in a row in 2022, PyOhio is a free-to-attend nonprofit Python community conference that welcomes anyone with an interest in Python. Presentations are intended to be relevant to all types of Python users: students, software professionals, scientists, hobbyists, and anyone looking to learn more.

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