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Six Feet Up Plans 3rd FedEx Day

Six Feet Up Plans 3rd FedEx Day

FedEx Day is scheduled for April 28th and 29th

FedEx Day?? What is that?

A FedEx Day allows team members to select a project of their choice which they can deliver overnight. Often it is a project that has been pushed to the backburner repeatedly or it is something that adds value but is not necessary for the daily function of the office. The main requirement is that it must benefit the company.  The idea for the event comes from the book Drive by Daniel Pink, which looks at what truly motivates us.

How we do it

We suspend regular activities from noon on Thursday to noon on Friday, allowing the individuals and small teams to concentrate their efforts on their FedEx Day project. Dinner, breakfast and lunch are provided, and the office is open overnight. At noon Friday, we will gather to share our accomplishments.

Why we do it

Everyone has a dream project that there is never enough time to work on. FedEx Day allows those dreams to become reality. During the past 2 FedEx Days we have successfully delivered over 20 projects which have improved various aspects of our infrastructure and made everyone's work life a bit easier. Our FedEx Day includes a bit of friendly competition for exclusive prizes, and everyone gets to vote on the best project.

What's New for our 3rd FedEx Day

The systems administration team will be setting up a live video feed of this FedEx day. We will also be Tweeting during the event and encourage everyone to participate through these channels.

Want to participate?

Guests interested in the concept are invited to come to our office during FedEx Day. At our last FedEx Day, Six Feet Up welcomed Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing firm AonHewitt, who sent observers investigating the FedEx Day concept for one of their internal projects. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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