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Six Feet Up Presents at Annual Plone Conference

Six Feet Up was one of the best represented open source companies at Plone Conference 2008, with a total of six staff members. The team kept busy attending sessions, presenting talks, and handing out Plone related schwag.

Director of Engineering Calvin Hendryx-Parker reprised his "Plone's Anatomy" talk as well as participated in two panel discussions: "So You Want to be a Plone Consultant?" and "The 10% manifest and further - Methods for organized contribution to strategic development of Plone". Hendryx-Parker also gave two lightning talks, including a Microsite Case Study and an update on Plone Tune-Up Events.

Hosting Specialist Andrew Parker presented "Cross-Training for Your Plone Deployment", a talk revealing secrets on reaching peak Plone performance. Senior Developer Clayton Parker presented "Reaching Deployment Nirvana Using Buildout". Parker illustrated the benefits of using buildout for both development and production instances and handed out buildout Quick Reference cards.

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