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Six Feet Up Presents an Overview of the Zope Database at PyOhio 2012

Six Feet Up Presents an Overview of the Zope Database at PyOhio 2012

A group of Six Feet Up web developers attended this year's annual PyOhio , which was held on Saturday and Sunday, July 28th and 29th, in Columbus, OH. One of the Sixies, Nolan Brubaker, gave a presentation aimed at developers new to Zope called "Introduction to the ZODB".

The ZODB is an object database that stores Python objects directly with no intermediary layer necessary. It's optimized for heavy reads and relatively low writes, being written initially for CMS applications. It is also fully ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliant.

Brubaker's talk was well received and attracted both newbies and developers with a Django background who were curious to learn more about the ZODB. Brubaker was happy with the turnout and the positive feedback he received. "Some of the attendees weren't aware of the available libraries to make working with the ZODB a little easier", he said with a smile.

Nolan Brubaker is a Python developer who has experience with many server-side web technologies, including Django, Flask, Rails, Plone, and Pyramid, with varying levels of familiarity. He currently works as a web developer at Six Feet Up.

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