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Six Feet Up Releases New "20 Questions About Plone" Brochure

Six Feet Up Releases New "20 Questions About Plone" Brochure

One of the most useful pieces of information available to anyone representing  Plone at a conference or to a potential client, is the venerable "Top Fifteen Questions About Plone" brochure originally created by Six Feet Up and the Plone Marketing team back in 2008.  Since then, thousands of those brochures have been handed out by Plone evangelists informational booths in open source and other conferences around the world.

As Plone moves forward, and the market evolves, the questions most commonly asked by potential CMS users gradually change.  In order to keep up with the market focus and recent changes in Plone 4, Six Feet Up has rewritten and redesigned the Top 15 Questions brochure - adding 2 pages, 5 more questions, and a focus taken from recent surveys of CMS users about what questions they want answered about a potential new CMS.

The New "20 Questions about Plone" brochure is now available under the Creative Commons license from Six Feet Up as a layered file, as well as in printed form, for use by anyone promoting Plone.  In addition to updated information, it also features a new, cleaner look, better organization by topic and a double-gatefold design to encourage browsing.

To Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, CEO of Six Feet Up and co-lead of the Plone communications team, it's a matter of working to provide better tools for those who are out there promoting Plone to the larger community.  According to her, "The open source community has fantastic products to offer, but lacks the funds and the marketing expertise to properly promote them. We are thrilled to help out and make sure good information is out there as it helps everyone involved in the Plone community."

The new brochure is available on the Six Feet Up website as a printable PDF or as an editable Adobe Illustrator 5 file for those who would like to customize it to meet their needs.

Six Feet Up has a history of making marketing materials available to the community and has been known for donating them to Foundation efforts to represent Plone at a variety of conferences. Other Plone marketing collaterals developed by Six Feet Up include conference banners, stickers, greeting cards and t-shirts.

Calvin Hendryx-Parker with New Plone 20 Questions Brochure

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