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Six Feet Up's Sr. Template Developer To Offer Training on Plone 4 Theming at Plone Conference 2010

Six Feet Up is pleased to announce that Sr. Template Developer Chrissy Wainwright will conduct a training at the Plone Conference 2010.  Wainwright will offer a "Plone 4 Theming" training on October 25-26 in Bristol, UK.   The training, which will require no prior knowledge, will include the following topics:

  • How to create a theme egg using Paster
  • Presentation on the differences  between available base themes: Plone Default, Plone Classic, Sunburst Theme; using other themes as a base (Plone Basic)
  • How to make initial site changes: changing the logo, quick color changes with base_properties
  • How to edit and create CSS files: skins vs browser resource, CSS Registry, how to use Generic Setup
  • How to customize viewlets, portlets, and templates:
    • styling tips
    • Overriding viewlets and portlets the long way - using zcml
    • Overriding viewlets and portlets the short way - using z3c.jbot
    • creating new viewlets and templates
    • TAL templating language overview

Wainwright is a Core Commiter for Plone and has presented talks at the Plone Symposium East in 2009 and 2010. She has a reputation as a thorough instructor who can reach attendees at their current level to help them increase their knowledge and be more effective.

The training fee is US $300+VAT before September 30.  After that date, the cost will be US$350+VAT. 

More information is available here.


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