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Six Feet Up Deploys Atlassian Tools for Open Society Foundations

Six Feet Up Deploys Atlassian Tools for Open Society Foundations

As part of an initiative to encourage and facilitate collaboration on the open source knowledge management system KARL, the Open Society Foundations (OSF) recently met with Oxfam GB, the Software Freedom Conservancy, Agendaless and Six Feet Up in New York. Participants explored options to consolidate the organization and management of the project and replace a variety of tools, such as Google Drive, LaunchPad, GitHub and Sphinx with just one platform.
As a result, Six Feet Up was tasked with installing, testing and maintaining various Atlassian products into a fresh VM hosting environment. This will allow the KARL community to test programmers tools such as JIRA to help with bug tracking, Bonfire for QA Reporting, Crucible for Code Review,  and Bamboo for Continuous integration.
"This initiative is a critical step toward a coordinated effort to advance KARL," declared Carol Ganz, Director of Customer Relationships at Six Feet Up.
Six Feet Up is one of the key KARL developers that is looking to contribute code back once the community has implemented tools and processes to support and coordinate international development efforts.

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