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Six Feet Up Announces EasySlideshow 2.0 for Plone

Six Feet Up Announces EasySlideshow 2.0 for Plone

EasySlideshow is a Plone product that makes it easy for any content editor to create and manage online image slideshows. The slideshows are great for use on a home page or landing page instead of displaying a Flash animation that search engines can't read very well.

EasySlideshow comes with all the settings you need to customize your slideshows, such as:

  • Adjusting the delay between slide transitions;
  • Managing the height/width of slideshow images;
  • Controlling whether or not captions are shown with slides;
  • Selecting whether or not users can pause the slideshow on hover;
  • Selecting slides timeout;
  • Turning the display of slide number on/off.

Six Feet Up is pleased to announce the release of EasySlideshow 2.0, which boasts the following new features:

  • Option to allow thumbnail images in the navigation instead of slide numbers

EasySlideshow now gives content managers control over the display of the slide navigation. The navigation can be turned off, display slide numbers or thumbnails.

Navigation with slide numbers:
Numbered Nav

Navigation using thumbnail images:
Thumb Nav

  • Ability to display slides in a random order

Default EasySlideshow will display images in the order in which they are stored in the folder. This latest version offers the possibility to display the images in the slideshow in a random order: there is now a checkbox to randomize the slideshows site-wide, per-folder, and for portlets.

  • Displays first image of slideshow when JavaScript is disabled
Previous versions of EasySlideshow would not display any content to users who have disabled JavaScript in their browsers. This new release will display the first image of the slideshow in the slideshow location for these users. Additionally, if random slideshow order is enabled, the image displayed will also be randomly selected for display.

  • If the add-on is removed from the site, any slideshow portlets are removed and folders will default to the standard display
A respectable product should have the ability to handle uninstall gracefully. Now when EasySlideshow is uninstalled, existing slideshow folders throughout the site are reverted to the standard folder view, and their subtypes removed. Additionally, any slideshow portlet assignment in the site will be found and removed since the removal of the product would take away the portlet and break assignments.

  • Images are now automatically resized using plone.app.imaging
Previous versions of EasySlideshow required content managers to upload images for their slideshows at the exact size for display. Now, using plone.app.imaging, EasySlideshow users can upload images at any size and they will be scaled down (not cropped) to fit the slideshow.

To see some of the new features available in EasySlideshow 2.0 in a production environment, please check out University of Virginia Health System's ClubRed UVa. For more technical details about EasySlideshow, visit http://plone.org/products/collective.easyslideshow. If you have questions about this Plone product or this particular release, contact sales@sixfeetup.com.

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