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Six Feet Up Spearheads 60th Plone Tune-Up

Six Feet Up Spearheads 60th Plone Tune-Up

Six Feet Up is pleased to announce the company is spearheading one of the largest global sprints ever in honor of the 60th Plone Tune-Up - which is scheduled to take place on Friday, September 21st. Ten worldwide organizations have pledged a record total of close to 30 programmers, testers, designers, and marketers to advance the open source content management system.

Plone Tune-Ups are regularly-scheduled, one-day mini-sprints where members of the Plone Community from around the world come together online to grab some outstanding tickets from the Plone Trac system and help move Plone forward.

The Tune-Up format and events were the brainchild of Plone development and hosting company Six Feet Up, and September 21st marks the 60th Tune-Up since the first event was held in 2009.  Tune-Ups have been responsible for closing close to 400 tickets since that time.

More information about Plone Tune-Ups can be obtained by visiting the Plone Tune-Up Network, which provides all the information needed to get started.

Whether you are a long time Plone developer, or just someone interested in getting started, the Six Feet Up crew is inviting you to attend the 60th Plone Tuneup on Friday, September 21st, 2012.

Thanks for filling out the form! A Six Feet Up representative will be in contact with you soon.

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