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The Growth of Containerization and Kubernetes

The Growth of Containerization and Kubernetes

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up’s CTO and AWS Community Hero, shares his perspective on the growth of containerization and Kubernetes for orchestrating workloads in a recent Gestalt IT blog, “Portworx Latest Release Delivering on the Enterprise’s Thirst for Kubernetes.

Specifically, Calvin reviewed the results from Portworx by Pure Storage’s 2020 survey of Kubernetes usage in the enterprise. The survey results infer that COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of Kubernetes. Plus, as business processes are taken to the next level, the demand for new apps is increasing.

“The push to adopt containers and Kubernetes is driven not only by how fast you can deploy new applications, but also by how frictionless it is for developers to build and iterate on their ideas,” writes Calvin. “The latest release of Portworx, combined with the power of deploying your applications in containers, allows developers to innovate faster and with fewer headaches around delivery.”

To accompany his blog, Calvin sat down with Portworx by Pure Storage’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Michael Ferranti, to discuss the enterprise's thirst for Kubernetes and how Portworx by Pure Storage is involved. 

In the interview, Calvin and Michael: 

  • discuss Kubernetes’ heavy usage in the testing and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models;
  • review the latest Portworx by Pure Storage release and new features for automation and cross-platform communication;
  • highlight Portworx by Pure Storage’s security model and how data clusters are encrypted with container granular capabilities; and
  • address the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on developer happiness in relation to higher demands due to Kubernetes automation and scalability.

Read Calvin’s complete analysis and watch the interview:

Gestalt IT is run by Stephen Foskett, publisher and Organizer in Chief of Tech Field Day. 

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