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Why Investing in AI and ML Will Pay Off

Why Investing in AI and ML Will Pay Off

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, discusses how — with enough data (we’re talking a lot of data!) — companies of all sizes, across all sectors can benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in his Datanami article, “AI and ML for the Masses.” 

According to Forbes, “43% of enterprises say their AI and ML initiatives matter ‘more than we thought,’ with one in four saying AI and ML should have been their top priority sooner.” But what should companies consider before diving in? 

“The speed, efficiency and accuracy of output is what makes AI and ML solutions so valuable for companies,” writes Calvin, “but it’s important to carefully define the problem that needs to be solved and train the models correctly.”

In the article, Calvin discusses the importance of:

  • understanding what problem a company is trying to solve — and whether AI/ML is the right tool for the job; 
  • making sure a company has enough data to train a new model properly — it can take thousands, millions and even trillions, of individual data points for an AI/ML model to become reliable at classification;
  • building a team with expertise; 
  • training developers how to avoid mistakes; and 
  • helping company leaders understand the value of implementing AI/ML models. 

“Effective use of this technology requires a commitment to training, fine-tuning and retraining models to eliminate bias and bad data,” writes Calvin. “The technology is still growing, but well-established approaches and tools allow companies of any size to leverage AI and ML today — shaving hours, days and even weeks off of processes companies and their customers depend on.” 

Read the full article on Datanami here

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